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Fifield Piaker Elman (FPE) Architects is an award-winning architecture firm whose passion for design is evident in a wide range of commercial, institutional and residential projects.

Versatile in both contemporary and historically inspired design, FPE has converted landmark buildings ~ the Flatiron, Herald Square, the Knickerbocker Hotel, 2 Park Avenue; a masterpiece originally architected by Ely Jacques Kahn ~ for multi-family housing, created signature retail and institutional environments, designed high-end apartment interiors and private residences, and renewed high-rise buildings.

Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole… That Won’t Work.

FPE initially approached MarkNet Group to retrofit the custom vision they had for their website into a themed template.  Based on their specifications we could definitely design the site of their dreams, but the level of customization required to achieve their vision defeated the purpose of using a theme altogether.  

The Architecture & Design Begins…

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Architecture & Design, Meet Architecture & Design

Similar concept, different applications. This is a Dream Project!

Setting Expectations

When we initially sat down with FPE to discuss their desired features, functions, and the hierarchy of information, they had two requests; the navigation had to be intuitive, and always accessible, and the images had to be grand and prominently featured.  From our perspective, this was the easy part.  We wanted to take their site much further.  We wanted FPE to have a website that was unlike any other in their field; something unique with subtle elements that would add that highly customized look and feel.

We were on a mission to set them apart and showcase their brilliance in a creative, user-friendly format.

The Drawing Board

This website would be a showcase of FPE’s portfolio of award-winning architectural designs, so high-quality assets were of paramount importance.  This is a site that is visually driven, so the design was dependent upon the quality of the assets; they had to be stellar, anything less would dilute the value of the custom design.

We collected all of  FPE’s existing assets, and we initiated & directed a photoshoot to capture new imagery for the site.  We incorporated their hand sketches into the design and really honed in on the essence of their mission, body of work and dynamic personalities.  We added subtle features that would elevate the design, keeping the concept of architecture always top of mind.  We added multiple navigation points into the design so users could get from point A to point B with ease.  The project gallery was designed to be powerful, grand, informative and highly navigable, just as FPE requested.

We developed a custom photo gallery to deliver the images in a high quality, comprehensive and visually appealing manner.  To keep things sleek and streamlined, we implemented the photo gallery into FPE’s blog.  Rather than going with the norm of the disheveled look of embedding pictures directly into the pages of their blogs, they can now load bulk images and organize them beautifully.  It creates a cleaner look and it is much more appealing to the user.

Our Value Proposition

When we presented the initial design to FPE, they were thrilled.  There were minimal changes to the design which enabled us to get the site into development in a very short period of time.  

In this presentation we also touched on our value proposition; the design of the administrative backend, aka Content Management System (CMS).  Since FPE wasn’t in the business of content management, we wanted to provide them with a hassle-free, intuitive, user-friendly backend so they could easily upload new projects, edit existing, and manage their web presence with the greatest of ease.  We took the hide & seek out of content management and replaced it with an at-a-glance design. FPE can immediately identify every area of the website and quickly gain access to make updates, upload images directly, and add new information.

Great Minds Think Alike

We have a passion for what we do, and believe that
architecture at its core is a fine art ~ FPE Architects

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