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Osceola Garage started out as a small, two-man operation.   Osceola’s mission is to provide paramount service to their automotive community; to be an automotive repair leader, and a pillar in the community.  What makes Osceola unique is their value-system of teamwork, community-focus, and relationship building.  

A Man With A Mission

Osceola had a website that wasn’t appealing, and he wanted to rebrand and expand his focus to women & families.  Osceola’s mission was to be the mechanic a woman can trust.  Our mission was to fulfill the scope of his vision.



The Road to Success starts with a clear vision, due diligence & understanding your target markets.
We’ll get you going in the right direction.

All Roads Lead to the Right Answers

MarkNet provided digital consulting and web strategy services to really identify & hone in on Osceola’s vision and ideal customers.  Based on our due diligence and competitive analysis, we were now armed with the information we needed to design & develop a website that would succinctly articulate Osceola’s value proposition.

As with any website, assets and copywriting are critical.  MarkNet provided SEO copywriting and initiated a photoshoot to capture imagery outside of the typical car repairs and parts.  If we were to reach women and families, the messaging and images had to appeal them.  MarkNet managed and creatively directed the photoshoot to capture the essential photographs that would effectively convey and attract these customers.  

Traveling In the Right Direction

Armed with great assets and messaging, we designed a website that was far reaching, user friendly, interactive, and it appealed to Osceola’s ideal customers.

In addition, we created targeted landing pages for very specific services and had Osceola ranking #1 for over 100 keywords.  Thanks to our SEO initiatives, Osceola outranks Mercedes Benz Maintenance for his local area.  Their organic search traffic has increased over 700% and their email list has grown 300%.

Our SEO Blog Copywriting has increased his readership 300% and his blog traffic has increased 545%.

On the Road to Success

Osceola’s business has grown steadily & continues to expand year after year.  His customer base has grown 200%.  They continue to be the leader in the community and seek ways to remain at the forefront of automotive technology, while never compromising its core beliefs of creating lasting relationships, treating people with respect and always going the extra mile.

We Have Reached Our Destination

With a sleek new design that’s highly optimized
for performance, Osceola Garage is traveling
on the Road of Success. Mission Accomplished!

Client Feedback

"In order to stay on the cutting edge and maximize your marketing efforts, you need the help of a professional company that can take your business to the next level. After extensive research, I choose MarkNet to redesign my website from the ground up. The goal was to create a website that would properly convey my brand. MarkNet rose to the challenge and created an amazing website. In addition, MarkNet is also enhancing my email marketing, SEO and blog. Thank you MarkNet for the great work and peace of mind! "

Joe Marconi
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“MarkNet is amazing! They consistently deliver excellent work, on time & make themselves available to answer questions & offer recommendations...”

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We Come Highly

MarkNet Group is the absolute Premier Web Design Agency in New York. From design to SEO, they are the best.

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We Come Highly

You need a professional company that can take your business to the next level.  MarkNet rose to the challenge and built an amazing website, enhanced my email marketing...

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