We Love Our Clients, And Here’s Why…

They Inspire Us

Our clients bring so much energy to the table. That first adrenaline-pumping phone call is like a Red Bull with a quadruple shot of espresso. Through rose-colored glasses, great stories, big ideas and big dreams for the future are shared. The excitement of a new venture, new products being designed that are ready to hit the market; we get to enjoy a unique relationship with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences. This excitement inspires us and fuels us to make our client’s dreams a reality.

They Have Grit

Starting a business, raising capital, growing a business, selling a business, and the journey to get there…it takes a lot of grit and endurance. Think about the number of hours and the risk involved in every single decision. Where do you start? Who do you trust? How much will it cost? Where do you spend your money? What is the best path to success? Do I go all in? Do I take baby steps? It takes a special kind of person to build, grow and run a business. Gratefully, we get to be a part of this journey. We have the awesome opportunity to ease our client’s worries and watch their businesses flourish.

They Push Our Boundaries

We certainly don’t know everything about every business so there’s a lot of detective work happening behind the scenes. Every business has very different requirements, so even we are pushed outside of our boundaries to come up with innovative and creative ways to get them where they need to go. The discovery process is always enlightening and it builds our intellectual toolbox and makes our business much stronger.

We’re Privy to a Lot of TOP SECRET Information

There’s a lot of epic stuff brewing behind the scenes…but we can’t talk about it ~ Yet. When you do hear about it, though, we’re thrilled to be the team behind the mission. Watching our client’s businesses grow from a foundling little company to a successful brand is incredibly rewarding.

We Learn A Lot Of New Things About So Many Different Industries

The E-cigarette & Marijuana business is booming! Dude! We have never seen more beautiful hand-blown bongs & pipes, ever!  Seriously, they are works of art. We didn’t even know these things existed! We get a buzz just looking at them. Not only that but the rules & regulations that go along with this industry, it’s really interesting. Luckily we haven’t had to bail anyone out of jail…Yet. And then we move on to the subject of diarrhea. Yes, that’s right, the ailing problem of diarrhea in calves & foals. I almost chucked my coffee when I saw a photo. I would share it with you, but I wouldn’t want to ruin your outfit. Try writing an ad at 9 AM using keywords like “watery diarrhea”, “fecal matter”, “scours”… Top That!  The poor farmers.  It’s like sending your child to daycare with that one sneezing, coughing kid. When one is sick, they all get sick. Farmers lose an astronomical amount of money when their animals aren’t healthy. Thankfully, there’s a nice, natural product on the market to help remedy the problem. Yup, we know A LOT about diarrhea. Now, THIS is really great fodder for dinner parties.  The look on people’s faces ~ Priceless.

We Laugh, A Lot

Coming up with ideas can be great FUN! There were certainly a lot of jokes flying around when we were working on the diarrhea marketing campaigns, that’s for sure. Our clients share stories that have us doubled over in pain with tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard. Out of these meetings come great ideas and stronger relationships.

We Get To Do Fun Things

The creative process is always fun. We get to go on photo & video shoots, travel to some great places and even go behind the scenes where new products are being developed. When we embed ourselves in these projects, we gain a very intimate understanding of our client’s business so it makes it very easy to articulate & market, and it expands our creativity.

We Learn About Ourselves

We learn a lot about our clients, and in turn, we also learn a lot about ourselves. Just as our projects are works in progress, we are constantly fine-tuning and evolving the way we do business and deal with different personalities, situations, etc. Our clients make us stronger & better versions of ourselves which in turn ends up being very advantageous for them.

They Trust Us

When we think about the amount of trust that our clients hand over to us, it’s astonishing. We are given the keys to the kingdom; we know their trade secrets, credit card information, payment processing systems, accounting systems, access to all of their social accounts, website, etc. Everything!   We are honored and privileged that our clients put such an enormous amount of trust in our capabilities. We do not take this for granted. And We Truly Appreciate It.

They Make Us Winners

Our reputation & success is built on our client’s success. If we are successful then the good word gets out, our clients recommend us to other people, our reputation is elevated, and as a result, our business continues to grow. It’s a Win-Win for everyone.

You Inspire Us Every Single Day & Today

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